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A Selection of projects


Een avond bij de vrouwenvereniging (An Evening at the Women's Institute) - Publication

Drawings: Babette Wagenvoort
Text: Lokien de Bie
Design: Suzanne Bakkum

The book will be published by Lecturis/DATO in March 2019. Price: 19,95 euro Email to pre-order
More info: devrouwenvereniging.nl


Editorial Illustration


Illustrations for the TV Guide of the Dutch
broadcasting co-operation VPRO (regularly
since 2007).



 Latest News:


Exercises in Drawn Protest - instagram project

View the protest on instagram @drawn_protest

Between 21 January 2017 - 21 December 2018 I posted 700 drawings from the series 'Exercises in Drawn Protest' on several social media platforms.

A selection of the drawings will be shown for one day at Amsterdam Central Station during the DEMO Festival, demofestival.com

Prints from 'Exercises in Drawn Protest' are for sale, 35 euro per print
Go to shop or email to order

A small selection was used in the Booklet: Stride 1



Nature-caught - Animation,
Installation & Publication

Nature Caught Moving is a landscape made up from hundreds of animated iPhone drawings of 'nature'
found in and around the city. Exhibited at N.a.t.u.r.
Festival (Bochum, Germany), Gemak (Den Haag), Re: (Rotterdam), published in Extaze.

Caught @ Todaysart - a mobile-drawn reportage

Live festival report in finger drawings projected
onto The Hague City Hall.



Hollands Maandblad

Regulary - since 2005 - published Drawings in Dutch Literary Magazine


Mood Swing - Rental project & Publication

Artist-project for Rent. Mood Enhancing Drawings throughout your house!


Life According To A Rectilinear Personality
Day Drawings 1995-2010

Exhibited at a.o. Nest (Den Haag), Hollands Maandblad, DUF Magazine, Drawing The Process Exhibition, Zechs, <tag>, Onno van Toor Gallery, Quartair, Pictura, etc.



Birds as Individuals 2013-2016
- A Collection of Drawings

A large collection of drawings & animated-drawings. Exhibited at BMB Gallery (Amsterdam), Quartair (Den Haag), Stichting Ruimtevaart (Den Haag), Perdu (Amsterdam)


Not In My Backyard
Wall Drawing

In five days I made a wall drawing at the offices of
Amlin, Amstelveen, based on extinct species
employees chosefrom a questionaire as species
that should return to The Netherlands.
Annemarie van den Bergh wrote about it on
Jegens & Tevens (in Dutch).


A Variety of Illustrations

A selection of illustrations made since 2004



Volkskrant OOG: curator, animations, online platform

Three animations made for Volkskrant/Oog, an online platform where artist responded to news and current affairs.

















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