Nature-Caught & Nature Caught Moving, 2011 - 2014

1922 iPhone finger drawings (1 pixel line)
Animated installation(18' loop, prefered projection 3 x 2 m)

Nature Caught Moving is a animated landscape completely made up of drawings of 'nature' found in and around the city. Although it was made in the urban environment with only digital means (iPhone and computer), the result is surprisingly 'natural'.

shown at Nest, Den Haag, Group Show, August 2011
(In the local newspaper the exhibition and this work were described: Summernest in Den Haag Centraal)
published in Dutch Literary Magazine 'Extaze'
shown at Re:Rotterdam, Rotterdam
shown at Pulchri, Den Haag
shown at Natur Festival, Bochum
shown at Gemak, Den Haag

(webpage under construction... more info and pictures soon)

A few examples of iPhone drawings:

Nature-Caught from the train

Nature-Caught at home

Nature-Caught in the park

Nature-Caught on TV

Nature-Caught in the zoo

Nature-Caught at the restaurant