Waar ben je nou stom beest? (Where are you stupid beast?), Galerie 16, Hengelo, 2007
& wall drawing

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The drawings, animations & wall drawing that are part of 'Waar ben je nou stom beest?' - in total over 50 art works - are all part of an exploration of one theme: sometimes the things we can't see are scarier than the things we do see. The future can be scary, 'what might happen' can be scary, and people can be scary if you don't know what they are going to do or what they look like.
Wouldn't it be great if n'the beast' would show itself? Where are you stupid beast?

Exhibited in Hengelo, Groningen, Den Haag en Amsterdam

See a selection of these drawings here
and the animations shown in Quartair here


See a selection of these drawings here

Wall drawing:
(apologies for the bad quality of some the pictures - the promissed professional photographer wasn't a professional I guess...)