Quartair - Tekenen 8, May 2008
' Alles wat mij aan het Aardsche bindt draag ik U op.'

A group exhibition of drawings curated by Natasja van Kampen at Quartair Art Initiatives

With: Justin Wijers, Babette Wagenvoort, Karin Janssen, José den Hartog, Robbie Cornelissen, Natasja van Kampen, Stefan Kasper, Ira van der Valk, Kim Hospers, Mischa van Pinxteren

WBJNSB - No. 61 by Babette Wagenvoort

Installation with three animations from the series 'Waar ben je nou, stom beest?' (Where are you stupid beast?) shown on small black & white televisions.
The animations follow on from the drawings from this series about fear of the unknow and were made especially for the exhibition at Quartair. To view the animations, click on the links below:

1. WBJNSB No.58 - Child Soldiers

2. WBJNSB No. 59 - Human Nature

3. WBJNSB No. 61 - Building




Photographs by Rogier Chang