'Not In My Backyard' -Amlin Drawing Residency, 2015

Commissioned by Wonders on Work.

From 18 - 22 May 2015 I worked on a wall drawing called 'Not In My Backyard'. Below is the video announcing the residency to employees of Amlin Amstelveen.

Wall Drawing 'Not In My Backyard' - before the scaffolding was removed at Amlin Amstelveen, 2015

A proper website update will follow soon, but more images of the work can already be seen with this very nice piece (in Dutch) by Annemarie van den Bergh about the work on jegens & tevens: http://jegensentevens.nl/2015/06/verdwenen-natuur-in-de-backyard-van-de-kunst/

  Footage of double handed drawing: Melanja Palitta  

Employees were given a Backyard Sheet with details of a small selection of species that have disappeared from The Netherlands in the last 70 years. They were asked to indicate on the sheet how badly they wanted each species to return to The Netherlands. I used the results of these Backyard Sheets to decide what to put in the wall drawing.

Some examples of species used: