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What I'm working on right now


Exercises in Drawn Protest - protesting daily since 21 January 2017

Exercises in Drawn Protest is a protest-work
posted daily on facebook, twitter and instagram

Prints from this series are now for sale.
Visit the shop for more information


Art For Animals' Sake

Fundraising Exhibition at headquarters of House
Of Animals, Amsterdam

More than 100 artists, a.o. Melanie Bonajo, Hartmut Kiewert, Keetje Mans, Rutger Van Der Tas, Sara
Nilsson, kunstenaarsduo Raisa & Misha, Mitsy
Groenendijk, Nour-Eddine Jarram, Edith Meijering,
Lizette Schaap, Raoul Deleo, Wendelien Schonfeld,
Lenny Waasdorp, Babette Wagenvoort, Albert Zwaan,
Airco Caravan, Anne Forest, Andrea Freckmann and
Sasa Ostoja.

6 - 15 October 2017
Official opening Friday October 6th, at 7 PM (to 11 PM)
Opening hours daily 12 AM - 6 PM
More info: http://art-for-animals-sake.com/

The next Innocent Drawing session will also be at this exhibition on Saturday 14 October


Latest News:



Teaching Drawing
@KABK & private lessons

I'm tutor Autonomous Drawing in the Fine Art Department of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK). I've been teaching at the KABK since 2006, where I started teaching Image Concept and Drawing in the Graphic Design department.

Private Lessons
I also enjoy giving customized drawing and drawing concept lessons in my studio to individuals or small groups. Email me for more information.


RCA Secret 2017

I may have been part of this year's RCA Secret

View all the postcards here:


Innocent Drawing: bi-monthly
drawing sessions for Amnesty & Animals

I'm initiator of Innocent Drawing,
together with Frits Dijks and Eric-Jan Ligtvoet.
In the first half of 2017 we drew postcards to
send to prisoners of conscience all over the
world at several cultural hotspots in The Hague.

We also co-ordinate Innocent Drawing Events in
other cities. The last Innocent Drawing Session
is at CBK Groningen. The next Innocent Drawing session will be at the exhibition Art For Animals' Sake, Amsterdam

More info: Innocent Drawing or email
Earlier sessions: Quartair, Haagse Hogeschool,
Gallery Britt Durst & Mayhew, Stroom Den Haag
and Grafische Werkplaats, Den Haag.



Illustration Daily

In 2012 Pawel Pokutyski and myself started
Illustration Daily
, an online platform where
professional illustrators share personal and editorial work that comments on the world today.


De Vrouwenvereniging (The
Women's Institute) - Publication

Together with writer Lokien de Bie and designer
Suzanne Bakkum I'm working on a publication
|about monthly gatherings of women in the
Dutch Westland.

The book is expected in 2017.
Put yourself on the mailinglist here if you want
me to keep you posted.


NEWS: Birds, Man & Language in 'Vogelgeluiden', Perdu, Amsterdam 31 March 2017

During a literary evening inspired by Len Howard and Marlen Haushofer in Perdu (Amsterdam) I will show a special presentation of some of works from the series
Birds As Individuals
, combined with new work and work from Nature Caught.

With: Annelie David, Marwin Vos, Sasja Jansen,
Eva Meier, Dean Bowen



Bie's Warboel Podcast


Production for Bie's Warboel Podcast, Wim de Bie's latest project, 2017


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