Poster, curating & organising ‘Writ Large’, the RCA college-wide lecture series (2002)

Illustration & design by BW, Imagery found by typing 'word' into Google Image Search,
Typeface 'Calvert' my Margaret Calvert

The Lecture series 'Writ Large' surveyed the work of eminent artists and designers
from Europe and America who use words as an integral part of their image-making.
The series was curated and organised by architectural historian Joe Kerr,
typographer Alan Kitching and visual artist Babette Wagenvoort.

Click on image to enlarge (part of ) the poster.

The event had the following participants


Graham Rawle, Artist/Illustrator, UK
Thomson & Craighead, Artists, UK
Emma Kay, Artist, UK
David Shrigley, Artist, UK
Kyle Cooper, Director/Designer, USA
Richard Wentworth, Artist, UK

Chairs (all RCA):
Andrzej Klimowski, Senior Tutor, Communication Art & Design
Irene McAra-McWilliam, Head of Interactive Design
David Crowley, History of Design
Debbie Cook, Visiting Tutor, Communication Art & Design
Al Rees, Senior Research Fellow in Film, School of Communications
Joe Kerr, Critical and Historical Studies