Draw me a terrorist, mail art project by Jeroen Teunen, 2005/2006
71 cards, 1 reel, 90 pins

Participating artists include David Shrigley, Dan Wilson, Tom Gauld, Bart van Leeuwen and many others

This limited edition (500 copies) is for sale for 60 Euro's
The cards come with their own hanging system

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(...) 'Being of the opinion that it is an artist's duty to portray and comment on the world around him, I was confident of a wide participation. Yet the sensitivity and complexity of the subject soon became clear, as out of the hundreds of artists I contacted only a handful replied, some sending in their work anonymously, others declining to take part at all. It was the July 7th, 2005 terrorist attack on London that once again reminded us that terror is not something abstract which only happens on TV "over there", but can hit closer to home and causes nothing but loss, pain, anger and above all fear. Then a week after the attack my mailbox started to overflow with contributions from people worldwide noting their sadness and support, wanting to express their views.
The project
Draw me a Terrorist aims to be just that, a place for discussion and expression. It does not take sides, but merely hopes to start a though process with the viewer.(...)" - Jeroen Teunen in the preface of the publication

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Babette's card: