(last updated 25 August 2010)


Group Exhibition SummerNest
at Nest, DCR, Den Haag
7 August - 4 September 2010

opening, 7 August, 4 pm

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I've re-designed the site. Hopefully it is now easier to find your way through the many projects. A few things still need to be done (it will say so on the specific page), but I hope you will enjoy it. And if you come across something that doesn't work, or if you have time to let me know what you think of the site or a specific project, please don't hesitate and drop me a line:

I look forward to hearing from you!


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From now you can find the latest news about my work on Twitter first.
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I will publish updates and publication dates here and I will let you know when I've posted a new Daily drawing, so you'll always know there's anew drawing when you visit