Lijna (or: 'one drawing a day '), commission for Kunstgebouw Zuid-Holland, 2007

Animations, texts, drawings & designs by Babette Wagenvoort
Music: Dame; Narrator: Wim de Bie

Kunstgebouw Zuid Holland asked me to make a small traveling exhibition aimed at children age 4 to 8 for schools in the province of Zuid-Holland about my daily drawings from the series 'Life According To A Rectilinear Personality'.

The project got slightly out of hand and now includes: 5 Lijna Animations, 1 Lijna-world Print, 5 Poster Designs, 5 Online Eraser Drawings, 1 Online 'to finish' drawing - all to be seen and tried on

The whole project - a dvd with 5 animations, a written educational program with drawing exercises, 5 posters to draw on & a beautiful box with a 'map' of Lijna's world - is sent to dozens of primary schools in the province Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands and will travel for the next few years.

Watch the animations here: on