Drawing the process, Traveling Exhibition exploring issues around
the changing role of drawing as communication and its value as a
crossing point between disciplines
, organised by Leo Duff (Drawing,
Kingston University) & Jo Davies (Illustration, University of Plymouth)

Diary drawings from the Rectinlinear Personality series
- February '03 - Knihts Park Gallery, Kingston University, London
- March '03 - Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK
- April/May '03 - Birmingham Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK
- October '03 - The Chapel Gallery, St Helens, UK
- November '03 - The Hot Bath Gallery, Bath , UK
- Dec '03 /Jan ‘04 - Clifford Fisher Gallery, Exeter, UK
- Feb '04 - Ireland (to be confirmed)

These texts were exhibited as well
(please note that both texts were written in 2002,
before the Rectilinear Personality was online)
Background - Context
Rectilinear Personality Biography

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