Codes and languages in the relationship between choreographers & dancers
A collaboration with Danslab Studio in Den Haag that will result in a series of drawings and texts.

Read one of the four texts here (in Dutch)

Dancers during the workshops, preview of one drawing & visitors at SummerNest exhibition :

About the project:
"Codes and languages in the relationship between choreographers & dancers" was an encounter series organized by choreographer Gabriella Maiorino in the Danslab Studio.
Over the years the research done in the Danslab studio has conjured up many ideas, thoughts and questions about the relationship between dancers and choreographers. Danslab wanted to take a closer look at this subject within a surrounding where perspectives and experiences can be shared – between choreographers, between choreographers & dancers and between dancers & dancers.
In June/July 2010 choreographer Gabriella Maiorino and her dancers invited four other choreographers and their dancers to various research sessions in the Danslab studio.

The invited choreographers & dancers:
Gabriella Maiorino, Valentina Campora and Cristina Leitao; Mor Shani, Reut Shemesh and Stave Dror; Jack Gallagher and Marjolein Vogels, Tan Temel and Sernaz Demirel; Giulia Mureddu and Hilde Elbers; Andrea Leine and Ederson Rodrigues Xavier, Reut Gez Wang and Erik Bos

Danslab also invited several 'outsiders' - including artists & writers - to witness these sessions and/or take part in the encounters. Babette Wagenvoort & Melanja Palitta used their interpretation of these research sessions to create new work which they showed (in progress) at the SummerNest exhibition.

Work in progress of this project was shown as part of ‘SummerNest’ in Nest, DCR, Den Haag, August 7th to September 4th 2010
With video by Melanja Palitta, drawings (another series than the ones mentioned above) & poetry: Babette Wagenvoort & photo's: Jette Schneider/Danslab

Babette's work is still in progress. Watch this space for updates.