Design for ‘Haags Kapitaal ’ (The Hague Capital), Stichting Schoon of Schijn, 2008

62 designers from The Hague made a new alphabet together. Posters with new letters and punctuation marks were shown in 'De Affiche Galerij' in the tram tunnel in The Hague city center.
With The Hague being a basis for national and international letter culture, the choice of this subject for the annual project of Schoon of Schijn is no coincidence.
De Affiche Galerij showed 62 poster each with a visualisation of a letter or punctuation mark by either a well-known or upcoming designer from The Hague. At the same time in Theather Zeebelt some of the designers also showed film, video, music or performance in the Alphabet Show.

All designs together made a 'photofont', using all designs for a very special The Hague computer-font brought together by letter designer Pieter van Rosmalen. A book of all designs was also published.

My design was entirely based on the ficticious Scandinavian rockband 'Ö'.

Letter & Poster (Click on image to enlarge):

Poster in tram tunnel (Click on image to enlarge):

Stichting Schoon of Schijn:
De Affiche Galerij:
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