‘Le Gun', London, UK, January 2007

Cover & my contribution (click to enlarge):

Issue 3 of the narrative art annual LE GUN has made its way onto bookshelves worldwide from January 2007. Loosely themed around ‘the sea’, issue 3 gathers together a motley crew of writers and artists from around the world.
A veritable smorgasbord of images and words, the many stories within LE GUN 3 encompass; Jacques Cousteau; a tale of fat girls in Hastings by Salena Saliva, fallen angels, Francis Bacon straddling a gorilla in 1950’s Tangier, a rowing
boat by Peter Blake, Polish accidents, Victorian Punk revivalists, Thames crocodiles, Korean gangsters in Mauritania and a lost Soho orphan named Caliper Boy...

LE GUN’s founding members collaborate in the curation of each issue, selection being undertaken with ideals of originality and eccentricity in mind.
LE GUN is more than a collection of artwork; LE GUN is a story of stories and stands as an independent work in its own right. Somewhere between pulp fiction and artist’s edition, this object asks to be treasured and revisited...

‘A bit like Viz if it was edited by Eighties Pop artist Raymond Pettibon’
Arena Magazine

‘Plenty of terrific material ... a spattering Uzi’,

The Observer

‘...a visually fantastic compilation of skillful, provocative and intelligent art’
Cool Hunting

‘Something akin to a dense freewheeling visual poem.’ BBC Collective

‘The magazine-cum-collector’s item is one of the most well produced tomes to come out of London in years...’ Flavourpill

Originally delivered to London shops in a battered purple suitcase, LE GUN is now available world- wide. Its international readership is also reflected in the thousands of submissions it receives per issue. LE GUN #3 will be available at bookshops, galleries and news stands world wide, and online
at www.legun.co.uk

LE GUN magazine was founded in London in 2004 by a group of MA graduates from the Communication Art and Design course at the Royal College of Art. Distributed world-wide, LE GUN is an independent narrative illustration
magazine published bi-annually. This publication provides a common ground for both emerging and established artists, illustrators, writers and poets.

Contributors included in LE GUN #3 are:
Ben Speck, Alex Wright, Echao Jang, Glen Baxter, James Unsworth, Sam Kerr, Alan Kitching, Paul Lawford, Geoff Grandfield, Robert Greene, Peter Blegvad, Johnathan Aldous, Janine Shroff, Sebastian Horsley, Steph Von Reiswitz, Babette Wagenwoort, Salina Saliva, James De La Rue, Michael Whittle, Zoe Taylor, Sir Peter Blake, Walter Newton, Russell Weekes, Michael Smith, Neal Fox, Orly Orbach, Caliper Boy, Emma Rendel, Nicola Pecoraro, Captain Horatio, Hornblower, Serge Seidlitz, Chris Bianchi, Olivier Kugler, Andrzej Krauze, Nahoshi Tanaka, Anna McClelland, Steve Parsons, Nick Morley, Amelia Johnstone, Tobias Tak, Les Coleman, Swava Harasymowicz, Chas Smash, Luke Frost, Bill Bragg, Harry Malt, Debbie Cook, Richard Dyer, Andrzej Klimowski, Jiro Bevis

Le Gun